Sunday, 1 April 2012

Selena Gomez "A Year Without Rain" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

 As requested by my dear fellow blogger Marianne from Lure of the Darkside, here is a makeup tutorial inspired by Selena Gomez's 2010 music video, "A Year Without Rain". And just to put it out there, I know I am no Selena and by no means I am trying to look exactly like her, she is too darn GORGEOUS (jealous!) and this look is so stunning on her, but I gave it my best shot to create as similar to her look on the video as possible. To be completely honest, I'm feeling a little bit nervous about posting this tutorial as I'm not sure if I pull it off well enough to give Selena's look justice? I don't know.. I'll let you guys be the judge! But nevertheless, this look is super easy and it would be great to wear for a party/night out so I hope this still gives you guys an idea or some sort of inspiration for your next look. I hope you guys like it and I really hope that I didn't disappoint you, Marianne! 



(A) Nars Casino Bronzing Powder 
(B) MAC Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50
(C) MUFE HD Foundation
(D) MAC Fix+ Spray
(E) Tarte Smooth Operator Finishing Powder
(F) Benefit Hoola Bronzer
(G) Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach (forgot to include photo)

1. First and foremost, prime the face to prep the skin for foundation application and also help smoothen out the skin. You can use any foundation primer but in this tutorial, I used MAC's Prep and Prime. Squeeze out a small amount of product into your hands and rub it between your fingers before applying it all over your face. Give a few minutes to let it absorb into the skin before applying your foundation.
2. Apply Make Up Forever HD Foundation (or any medium to full coverage foundation you may have) using Sigma's F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki brush. In this look, I applied two coats of the foundation. Dot the foundation all over the face first before blending it out with the brush. I like to buff the foundation into my skin using circular motions around my face to create that natural flawless looking skin. Choosing a great foundation brush also helps achieve this airbrush look and Sigma F80 is amazing for that. It's my HG foundation brush and it is definitely a must have. 
3. Apply Bobbi Brown Light Peach corrector or any concealer to cover dark circles, bags and any redness on the face. I prefer using my fingers to apply my concealer but you can choose to use a brush if you wish.
4. Using a powder brush (I used Sigma's F30), I applied Tarte's Finishing Powder all over my face to set the foundation. 
5. Selena Gomez's skin has a natural sun kissed glow and for this reason, I applied a bronzer all over my face to give it an overall warmth or bronzed look. You wouldn't want shimmer all over your face so use a matte bronzer. In this look, I used Nars Casino bronzing powder. To give my face more definition, I contoured the hollows of my cheeks, temples, jawline and nose with Benefit's Hoola Bronzer using Sigma's F40 large angle contour brush.
6. Spritz the face with Mac Fix+ Spray to help set all of the makeup and make it last longer. Tip: Make sure to spray it as far away from your face as possible and let it dry naturally.


(A) L'oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner
Too Face Shadow Insurance Anti Crease Eyeshadow Primer
Benefit They're Real Mascara
(B) 1.MAC Espresso Eyeshadow
2.MAC Naked Lunch
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
(C) 1.Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in #420
2.Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in #444
3.Inglot Matte Eyeshadow in #328
(D) MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon
MAC Eyeshadow in Electra
MAC Eyeshadow in Knight Divine
(E) MAC Painterly Paint Pot
(F)Sleek iDivine Storm Palette #2 Eyeshadow (see photo from my previous post)

1. As always, prime the lids, lower lash line and brows to help make the eyeshadows last longer and to prevent creasing. Use whatever primer you may have, I used Too Faced Eyeshadow primer in this look.
2. Using my ring finger, I grabbed the smallest amount of Mac's Painterly paint pot and applied it all over the lids and blending it out all the way up to my brow bone. This will act as a base for the eyeshadows and make it stand out and look more vibrant.
3. Using a fluffy blending brush (I used Sigma's E40), dip it into Mac's Espresso and gently sweep it into the crease. This acts as a transition colour and because I'd be using cool toned eyeshadows, this will help warm up the eye look a little bit.
4. Using a clean fluffy blending brush (I used Mac 217), sweep Inglot's #444 pearl eyeshadow back and forth over the crease, concentrating it below Espresso.
5. Using a pencil brush, apply Sleek's #2 (highlight) eyeshadow from the Sleek palette to the inner corners of the eyes and inner third of the lower lashline.
6. Using an eye shading brush (I used Mac's 239), pat Inglot's #420 pearl eyeshadow all over the lids, working it up to where Inglot  #444 meets.
7. Using the other side of the shading brush, lightly dip it into Mac's Electra and pat it on top of Inglot #420.
8. Using a clean pencil brush (Mac's 219), pick up Mac's Knight Divine and apply it on the outer corners blending it inwards and into the crease where the eye socket is. Use the same brush to line two-thirds of the outer part of the lower lashline.
9. Use Sigma's E40 again and apply Inglot's #328 matte eyeshadow on to the crease to blend out all harsh lines and edges.
10. Highlight the brow bone with Mac's Naked Lunch using Sigma's E60 or any shader brush you have.
11. Tightline the eyes using any black eye liner (I used L'oreal's Extra Intense Liquid Pencil eyeliner). I also used the same liner to line my waterline. Grab the pencil brush again to smudge out the liner and blend it with Knight Divine.
12. Using a small angle brush (Sigma E65), I dipped it into Mac's Carbon and lined my upper and lower lashline to set the eyeliner.
13. Apply two coats of mascara (Benefit's They're Real Mascara) and add false lashes to get those dramatic sexy eyes that Selena had on her video.


L'oreal Color Riche lipstick in Fairest Nude
Urban Decay Sparkling lip gloss in Andromeda