Friday, 23 March 2012

Brighten Me Up Casual Friday

Happy Friday my lovely readers! Hope you all have had a superb week.
Here's just another FOTD post to share with you. The rain here in Brisbane has been a downer this past week but I woke up this morning feeling all positive and energised. As you can tell, my mood's totally reflected on my outfit - colourful and fun - not even this miserable Autumn weather could influence and bring down my spirits. It felt like I was almost celebrating Spring with my tangerine top and floral skirt :) It may have been a tad too bright to wear to work but I was seriously caught up in my own little happy bubble that it didn't concern me in the least what other people thought :P

In this look, I used my Sleek Divine "Sunset" Palette. I adore Sleek and I've already started putting swatches together for you guys and writing my thoughts on the palettes. Review post will be up next!

Shade #1 - crease colour
Shade #2 - upper lid
Shade #3 - outer corner
Shade #4 - outer v and outer part of the crease (not passing shade #1)
Shade #5 - lower lid

On my cheeks - The Body Shop Duo Blush in Coral
On my lips - Revlon Super Lustrous in Temptress

I love my owl necklace! So cute!!

Casual Fridays at work is the best. The environment is a lot more relaxed and everyone tends to wind down slightly because we are all looking forward to the weekend. Hmm... but what would be even better is if Fridays are made to be part of the weekend, don't you think? Lol.



  1. So pretty!!loving you make up! great job.


  2. Your so pretty and the make up color right for spring...

  3. great make up! i love the owl necklace, too cute!^^ xoxo

  4. I love your make up!! Thanks for the tutorial look. I am not following you. I hope you follow back.

  5. Beautiful! I want a sleek palette so bad, but when I tried ordering one, they didn't ship to the U.S:(

  6. Gah, the owl necklace. <3

  7. everything is pretty: outfit, necklace, makeup and you!!
    ^___^ i really want a sleek palette, this one has such nice colors!

  8. I love your makeup and outfit! It's so pretty!

  9. Sooo pretty!
    Where did you get the owl necklace? I must have it!

    1. Thanks hun :) I bought the necklace from my local fashion store called Melrose Ave

  10. your eye make up is PERFECT!!!

  11. Beautiful makeup look :)
    I LOVE that owl necklace :) I collect owls and I do have quite a lot of owl jewelry pieces but that necklace is soo pretty :)

  12. The owl necklace is adorable! Lovely look!

  13. Just found your blog, I have to say, your looks are amazing! And of course, that owl necklace is a cutie :)

  14. LOVE IT!!!U look gorgeous as always.

  15. i am not one to love owl necklaces in general but yours is super cute and i want it. plus your outfit and eyeshadow are fab
    hope that you are having an amazing weekend so far

  16. You're so talented! I'm your newest follower on bloglovin! :)

  17. Love your make up and the outfit colors!! You are so beautiful! BTW, I came thru ur blog via blog hop! I am following you via GFC and would appreciate if you could check out my blog and follow back! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  18. i love your makeup here, so pretty! ^_^~

  19. You look beautiful!

  20. So pretttty !


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