Friday, 16 March 2012

FOTD: St. Patrick's Day "Keen As a Bean For Green" Eye Makeup

Going on a bender this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Well I'm not, but I'm still in a festive mood and want to get in to the St. Paddy's spirit, so I thought what better time to blow the dust off those neglected green eyeshadows of mine and have a little play or two with my long lost friends. And after searching for all the green eyeshadows that are quietly stashed in my makeup storage, it occurred to me how much I have that are crying out for love and attention. I just don't find myself reaching out for a green eyeshadow on a regular basis. But I will however attempt to use them more often in the future as they are indeed beautiful :)

As it was already late in the afternoon, I did a rush job of putting on my makeup so I could use the natural light and take photos before it goes dark. I don't have my regular camera with me at the moment so 'Instagram' pics will have to suffice for now. Anyways, here's how my little experimenting turned out... 

Ahhh I wish I took my time doing my brows though! LOL. Sorry guys! 


Urban Decay Kush (all over lid colour) - a metallic bright medium (almost lime) green colour with a hint of silver shimmer 
Urban Decay Graffiti (all over lid colour on top of Kush and lower lash line colour) - a metallic sheen vibrant grass green colour
Urban Decay Loaded (outer corner and crease colour) - a metallic sheen deep forest green colour. Very dark that it almost comes off black
Inglot #57 Loose Pigment (lower lash line) - dark jade green colour
Urban Decay Money (inner corner and tear duct) - silvery pale green colour with a lot of shimmer

I must admit, this eye makeup is not for everyday wear. It looks toned down in the photos but it is in-your-face bright, daring and screams 'wowzaa' in real life. Nevertheless, I had so much fun creating this and I kinda like it. I think this look will come handy one day when I feel like wearing bold colours at night or when I'm due to attend another costume/dress up party :D 

Now that I re-discovered my other green eyeshadows, I'll endeavour to make a couple more looks over the next few days to give tribute to St. Patrick's Day.

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  1. i love your makeup look! this one looks so gorgeous!

  2. i love ur green eyeshadow! look outstanding! ^_^

  3. gosh you are super pretty!!! love your makeup too, it's fab, st. patty's or not!!

    1. aww Maryam you're making me blush lol.
      Thank you soooo much girl, means a lot coming from you! xx

  4. Lovely idea, the make is so well done, I like it so much! Great colors!^^ Kisses!

    1. thanks so much Lilli, you are always so sweet xoxo

  5. Beautiful Beautiful! You're so pretty!

  6. Oh wow, this is super beautiful! ♥

  7. This makeup is very pretty!

  8. Thank you blog hop for letting me find your blog! I'm obsessed with that Kush color, it's absolutely gorgeous! All of your photos are beautiful. Look forward to seeing more from you! :)

    1. Aw thank u dearie :)
      Blog hop is great isnt it. I'll def be checking out ur blog soon too <3

  9. Wonderful look :)
    Im not celebrating St Paddys day (I had totally forgotten all about it... oups) but I still do wear green eyeshadow on St Paddys day... well whenever I remember the day that is ;)
    I have been thinking about making a green makeup look for the sake of the blog though so we will see :)
    LOVE THIS LOOK so much.. oh and don´t worry about your brows... you look amazing :)

  10. wow this is a totally hot look! You have such sexy eyes~

  11. What a pretty look! I will try this for tonight! Happy st. patrick's day, Rina! =)


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