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March Haul Part 2: Sephora, Inglot, Mac, and

Hi guys! Here's the long overdue second part of my March haul. Sorry to be posting this so late but I still made it before the end of the month nonetheless which is good :)

 If you have been following me for awhile now, you would know how much I love shopping especially online. And I know, you guys are probably thinking, "oh no, Rina is at it again with her crazy shopping spree", but just to be clear, I did not purchase all of these stuff at once. I did in fact buy these items over the course of two months and because most of it was coming from overseas, it also took some time to get to me. And I left these just sitting in the box for the last couple of weeks, until I could find the time to do this haul post.

First up is my Inglot purchase. This is my first ever eyeshadow palette from Inglot and may I just say to those of you who haven't come across their eyeshadows that these are super buttery and amazingly pigmented, it would be so hard not to fall in love with them. They have a wide range selection of shades and oh my goodness it was so hard to pick which one to get! But eventually, I opted for colours that are wearable and I would happily wear on an everyday basis.

See included swatches below..

The next products that I got that I am so excited to share with guys is my purchase from I have been wanting to get these in so long and I was so happy when it's finally arrived!


I bought shades, Glitter Rock and Andromeda. Ahh my excitement level is sky high. I cannot stress enough how gorgeous these lip glosses are! And I LOVE the packaging!! 

By the way, these were limited edition so I'm not sure if these are still available in stores/online. 


To be honest, I never really took interest in Tarte cosmetics before until Jen from From Head to Toe started raving about these two products. And I was sold as soon as I saw how amazing these looked on her. I am yet to try these but once I have, I'll let you guys know what I think.

A workmate of mine recently went on a trip to New York so I asked her to get me a couple of things from Sephora whilst she was there. Here's what I got..


I've heard great things about this mascara and I'm looking forward to trying it.


I love the packaging and the colour is beautiful. I wish my camera can pick up the true colour in the photo though. It actually looks a lot more vibrant purple in real life which is a shame because I'd love to show you guys how stunning the colour really is!


All of the MAC purchases I made were from the website except for the Viva Glam Nicki which I bought from my local Mac store. I was not intending to buy it but I gave into temptation when my cousin Joanne from Urhappybunnie raved about it so much that she even made an amazing recreation of Nicki's look featuring this lipstick. 

Mac Lipsticks from left to right: Viva Glam VI, Viva Glam Nicki, Shy Girl, Please Me

Mac blushes from left to right: Gentle (Mineralise blush), Dollymix, Breeze

I also re-purchased my fave eye liner, Smolder.

Last but not the least are my purchases from Revlon lip butters are still not readily available on Australian shelves so I had to order it online from US. I can't tell you guys how happy I am to finally own a few of these! Lol. And because US prices are a lot cheaper, I thought I might as well re-purchase a few of the old items that I like and save myself quite a bit of money instead of buying it here later on.

L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Milani Liquif'eye eye liner in Black 
Milani Liquif'eye eye liner in Brown
L'oreal Extra Intense cream eye liner pencil
Maybelline Master Drama Eye Studio pencil

L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Saucy Mauve
L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Primrose
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute
Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Soft Nude

Revlon Lip Butters: Berry Smoothie, Lollipop, Cotton Candy
Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

Wet N Wild icon eyeshadow in Brulee
Wet N Wild icon eyeshadow in Nutty
Wet N Wild Mega Sparkle Confetti in White Icing
Wet N Wild Mega Sparkle Confetti in Lilac Frosting

And that's about it for this month's haul. Hope you guys liked what I shared and if you want more details/info on any of the products above, please let me know down the comment section below.


  1. I want it all, especially that Inglot pallete. Great post doll :)

    B xxx

    1. inglot palette is GREAT! u should try it hun

  2. omg! amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i so wana shop right now...bad influence girl! the downside of reading blogs lol

  3. amazing products!! I want to go shopping lol....

  4. Woah! Such a huge haul again cuz! Love them!

    1. lol i hung on to them for awhile and it built up thats why it looks a lot

  5. That's a whole lot of goodies!! and all of them are pretty exciting ^_^~ Luv them all! The benefit real mascara is my current favorite!! and the Hoola bronzer I want to try it too!!

    1. Yes, try the Hoola, only worn a couple of times but im liking it :D

  6. Revlon Primrose is absolutely a favorite of mine!

  7. Gahhh so many things I want you to review!!
    The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, Benefit mascara, and Baby Lips!! :D
    I've been eyeing all 3!

    1. No probs my dear I'll add it on to my blog post list :D

  8. Came across your blog from the blog hop!

    This haul is amazing! You got so many goodies! Def do a review on the Hoola bronzer. I've heard good things so far, but still on the fence. Let us know? it out? (:

    1. thanks girl :)
      yep will do a review on the hoola bronzer soon. Will keep you posted.

  9. Awww I love ur hauls...
    Every thing so great ^^


  10. Great haul! haha I need to go shopping now!



  11. Hello! You follow me on, I have decided to change my domain so you can now find me at: - I hope you follow me on there, and I hope to see you again soon x

    1. no worries will check it out soon hun :)

  12. Cuz, please make a review on the Hoola bronzer, MAC blushes, They're Real Mascara and that lovely Inglot shadows!

    1. yep will do cuz. I'll add them on to my very long list of things I want to blog about lol
      ahh so many ideas and not a lot of spare time to do them so it might take awhile but i promise ill get around to them :) xoxo

  13. Amazing haul! We have the exact same taste in makeup! I have a lot of the things you picked up! I've been wanting the Tarte Blush in Exposed for such a long time, it looks like the perfect color! Shy Girl & Viva Glam Nicki are on my wish list also! WnW Brulee and the confetti glitters are amazing products!

    1. hehe Exposed is very nice ^^ I'm loving the ones that ive tried so far except for VVG Nicki.. It's okay but not a big fan of it. But that's just me. Will prob do a review on it soon. Cant wait to try the confetti glitters, thinking of using it for my Easter look tutorial lol x

  14. love the haul great blog please check out my blog

  15. I'm dying to try there's real. Found you on the hop :)

  16. I love everything in here! You have great taste; and your very pretty!

  17. Wow, you really do go all out! And I really want some of that stuff... Ugh, now you have me wanting to go shopping while I have no money. Thanks for that. ;)

  18. I envy you! Such a beautiful haul!!!!

    If you want, visit my blog. So we can follow each other!

    Much love


    just started following! follow back?

  20. What an awesome haul, I really want to jump on the band wagon and try the Revlon lip butters. I hear they are very expensive over in Australia.

  21. I love your blog, just started following you.
    I'm also Australian :)

    Samantha xo | SamanthaLusts


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